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What We Do

Serving our community


Helping Everyday People with Everyday Needs

Let’s be honest, the pawn industry has a tough reputation, and there are some bad apples in the bunch. The truth is, pawn services have been around for centuries, dating back to ancient China and Greece. We’re here to change the way a lot of people view the pawn industry. Most stores are honest, ethical, and provide a great service to their towns and cities.

We provide collateral based loans—meaning the loan seeker brings in a personal item in exchange for a small loan. The most common reason why someone would seek a small loan from a pawnshop is for emergency financial burdens like insurance payments, medical bills, or traffic tickets. Most loan seekers aren’t selling. They are looking for a quick, short-term bridge loan to cover everyday or surprised expenses and lack access to a bank or other credit solutions.

We are governed and regulated by the City of Lowell, State and Federal laws. Each pawn transaction is for a period of 120 days. In the event of a transaction going late, we will mail a letter to identify the late payment, followed by a ten-day grace period. In addition to these mandated requirements, Lowell Pawn will both text and telephone you in advance of your due date. We believe in the value pawn services have on a community in need, so we put in every effort to make sure loans are prompt and paid off successfully. In fact, the success rate is very high with over 82% of all loans paid on or redeemed.

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Cash for Items

We offer cash, often under an hour, for a wide variety of items. Our specialty is jewelry, electronics, and tools, though we love to carry collectables, rarities, and other out of the ordinary items.

Bring in your items with valid government-issued I.D. and let’s see what we can do together!

Popular items include:
  • Gold and Silver

  • Diamonds

  • Watches

  • Gift Cards

  • Musical Instruments

  • Cameras

  • Game Systems

  • Video Games

  • And a whole lot more

Massachusetts law prohibits use from purchasing, lending on, and selling firearms.